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Make a Quantum Leap in Your Income
Create Irresistible, Client-Attracting Packages
A Simple 3-Step System to Creating Packages that Sell
It doesn’t matter what business you are in, packages, when done correctly, can boost your income exponentially.
This training is full of the systems and tips you need to create profitable packages that are easy to sell. 

Here's what you'll learn and get in this program:
How to create packages that bring results your clients will LOVE.
Packages aren't just about bundling a bunch of services together. They need to be structured in a way that creates results that clients understand and are willing to invest in at a premium
Create packages strategically and systematically. 

There's a right way and the wrong way to create packages. Learn the 3-Step System you need to know and the 7 most common mistakes to avoid 
Everything you need to design, implement, and deliver your new packages with ease
Your program includes checklists, worksheets, and real life case studies. You'll also receive a complimentary implementation call with Nafissa.
Full 4-Lesson Audio Training with Printable Workbook
This training includes a beautiful full-color .pdf workbook. Download and print the workbook to work along with the audio training and make your new signature packages come to life!

What are you waiting for?
"My business has gone from mid-six figures to just shy of 7 figures..."
"Since I packaged my services and developed and implemented systems, my staff is able to run about 40% of my business without me.

My business has gone from mid-six figures to just shy of 7 figures since I started working with Nafissa, but more importantly my fees and margins have increased so that I have been able to pay everyone including myself more and self-finance my company’s growth."

-Lori Steeves |

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