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  • How to Move Forward When You're Scared or Unsure - Nafissa's guide to making decisions, even when the right path may feel uncertain.
  • The Living Forward Celebration Virtual Summit - hear the inspiring stories of 21 successful women. Learn how they made difficult decisions to move them forward and create what they truly want.
  • Prioritize Yourself Without Feeling Guilty - Journal and Reflection Exercise - do you feel bad when you think about putting yourself before others? This exercise will help you to prioritize without guilt.
  • 7 Corporate Success Habits You Need to Ditch as an Entrepreneur - are you one of many who are leaving the corporate world to pursue your calling as an entrepreneur? If so, you probably have some habits that just don't transfer. What made you a success could be killing your business.
  • 10 Signs You Need to Take a Break - entrepreneurs get stuff done, even when they don't want to. Sometimes, though, you really do NEED a break. Learn how to know when it's time.
  • Nafissa's Calendar System Walkthrough - take a look at Nafissa's own time management system. Learn how to increase productivity and avoid burnout!
  • Spouse Conversation Starters - Help to Talk to Your Husband About Investing in Your Business - talking to your significant other about investing in your business can be a real challenge. Learn how to approach it so that you both are involved and respected as partners, but you don't feel like you're "asking for permission".
Mindset and belief are the foundation for success! Before you can make quantum leaps in your income, you need to do the inner work. What you believe, directly relates to what you will receive.

I've created these resources to help you develop a resilient mindset for success. If you've previously been holding yourself back because of limiting beliefs, I'm here to help you discover and change that thinking. 

With the right mindset, you'll be ready to welcome unlimited success into your life. These free resources will help you get started.
learn how to move forward, even when you're unsure
leave your corporate mindset behind
create a calendar that works to get it all done!
learn how to take care of your business and yourself
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